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return or exchange (返品・交換について)

In the case of customer reasons, such as "It is different from the image" ,"Size does not fit" or "Misplaced order", we do not accept return or exchange to other products.  

However, if there is "scratch or fault" in the product of delivery, "If the item you ordered differs from the order content", we will promptly respond to the same item or exchange returned or refunded.

In the following cases, exchange / returned goods can not be accepted, please be careful.

 · It has passed "8 days or more" after the item arrives

 · Products judged as "Used" or "Refurbished, Laundered, Cleaned" by our company standards

 · Damaged, stained, or lost items such as "invoice, product tag, label, bag, box, other accessory"

 · Products with odor adhering, dirty, scratched by customers


※ If we can not prepare for replacement items, we will correspond by refund.









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